In the state of Georgia, it’s estimated that one in ten children will be sexually abused before they turn eighteen years old. This type of abuse can occur in churches, day cares, private schools, and other institutions.

Signs of Abuse

As a parent, there are many signs that may indicate that your child has been a victim of sexual abuse.hey have been the victim of abuse. These signs include, but are not limited to, the following:
1. Pain and/or itching in the genitalia area

2. Unexplained torn clothing

3. Difficulty walking or sitting

4. Underwear that is stained or bloody

5. Development of a sexually transmitted disease

6. Interest or disinterest in talking about anything sexual

7. Sleeping problems

8. Secretiveness

9. Clinginess

10. Personality changes that come on suddenly

11. Aggressive or passive behavior

12. New or age-inappropriate seductive behavior

13. Using sexual words and/or phrases
If your child is displaying any of the above signs of sexual abuse, it’s important to talk to your child to determine if something inappropriate has occurred while they were not in your care.


Church Child Molestation in Georgia

In Georgia the Hidden Predator Act of 2018 will allow adults who realize later in their lives that they were sexually abused as children to have more time to sue. Under the language of the Act, churches and other entities can only be sued if the victim can prove a coverup.
Over the last few years , society has become more aware of child sexual abuse in churches. Victims of abuse and their parents are not only seeking justice against the person who abused them, but the churches that the abuser was associated with.
One of the main arguments victims and their parents have is that they trusted the church to provide supervision for their children during church youth groups, and that the church was negligent in properly supervising the children and the staff. When the church failed to protect the child from a sexual predator, that trust was betrayed.
It’s been the long practice of many churches to transfer a member of clergy who was found to be sexually molesting a child and fail to inform the police about the abuse.
It’s important to remember that filing a lawsuit and winning at trial are two different things. A sexual abuse victim take on the difficult task of convincing a judge and/or jury that the abuse actually occurred.
If you or your child has been a victim of sexual abuse by a Georgia church staff member or volunteer, it is important to contact an experienced and skilled injury attorney.

Day Care Sexual Abuse in Georgia

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, most sexual abuse of a child is committed by someone the child knows and trusts. Those in a position of authority over a child such as a daycare center teacher or supervisor can cause your child to be helpless against their sexual abuse.
Under Georgia law, daycare employees can be held liable both civilly and criminally for the sexual abuse of a child while under their care.

Direct Liability of Georgia Daycare Centers

In Georgia, a daycare may be held liable for damages associated with the sexual abuse of a child if it can be proven that the daycare center was negligent in hiring, training, and screening the employee who abused the child. .
In addition, if the daycare failed to take precautions to keep outsiders from entering the daycare, and the child is sexually abused by the outsider, the daycare center may be held liable because they had inadequate safety and security procedures in place.
Even if a daycare center used reasonable care in their safety procedures and hiring policies, they still may be held liable under Georgia law if your child is sexually abused by a daycare employee.


Sexual Abuse in Private Schools in Georgia

Like many parents, you might have chosen to send your child to a private school in Georgia because you felt it would be safer and more closely monitored than a public school, but this isn’t always the case.
Schools have a duty to protect your child and it’s the school’s administration’s responsibility to make sure that only people who have a clean public record, are properly credentials, and skilled to teach will be hired at your child’s private school.
If your child’s school officials aren’t diligent in their hiring processes, they can make it possible for child predators to come in contact with your child.
The law office of Council & Associates, lead by Attorney Lashonda Council Rogers, understands the immense strength and courage it takes to come forward if you or your child has been sexually abused. The emotional and psychological obstacles associated with such abuse can be enormous. . In Georgia, you and/or your child can bring a claim not only against the abuser, but also the church, daycare, private school, or other entity that you believe was responsible for exposing your child to the abuser. If you suspect that your child has been the victim of sexual abuse, call the experienced lawyers and Council & Associates today at (404) 526-8857.