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Atlanta Bicycle Accident Lawyer & Lawsuits

atlanta bike accident lawyer

Although a bike accident may initially appear to be an insignificant or minor accident, that is usually not the case. It is not uncommon for a bicyclist to find themselves in a life-threatening accident when a car or other vehicle collides with them. Only an experienced bicycle accident lawyer can ensure that you are fairly compensated for your injuries and that your rights are protected. 

Due to a steady rise of bike riders on the road, the number of car accidents involving bicycles has been steadily increasing. The AJC reported that the increase in the number of bicycle accidents in Atlanta is due in part to the increase in the number of bicyclists on the road. In the Atlanta area especially, more people are using bike riding as a healthy mode of transportation or as a form of staying fit. The Atlanta Beltline and other bike trails have contributed to the increase in the number of bike riders.

When bicyclists are the victims of negligent or reckless drivers, they may be eligible for compensation. The personal injury attorneys at Council & Associates have represented clients in Atlanta bike accidents. Our law firm understands the constantly evolving Georgia laws related to bike accidents. As simple as a bike accident may appear to be, these types of cases require a great deal of knowledge about personal injury claims to overcome the obstacles set-up by insurance companies.

What to do a Reckless Driver Hits you While Riding a Bicycle 

Treat this accident as serious as you would treat an accident involving a car. At the accident scene, you will want to gather and document as many details about the scene of the accident as you can. If you can, immediately call 911 and seek medical attention. Also, make sure that the police arrive to get an accurate and unbiased documented detail of the bike accident. Get as many photos of the damages done to your bike. Also take photos of your surroundings, the weather conditions, and any traffic signs. Check to see if any nearby businesses or buildings have cameras that may have caught the accident on video surveillance. Do not forget to take photos of the physical injuries you have sustained such as bruises, scrapes, etc. These photos will also help you with your personal injury claim. After getting treatment, follow through with the medical procedures recommended by the doctor in order to protect your rights in the lawsuit.  

Your next step is to contact an Atlanta bicycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. Once you have relayed details of your case and shared all relevant documentation, the attorney can step in to begin the process of pursuing your injury claim against the at-fault driver. The attorney will work with investigators to determine liability and communicate with insurance companies so you can focus on what is important, getting better and moving on as best as you can. 

Do not talk directly to the insurance company representative. They may pressure you into providing a statement quickly. Refuse to speak with the insurance company and avoid providing a recorded statement. Always bear in mind that insurance companies would want to settle quickly with a little amount of settlement to offer. That is why it is important to have a bike accident attorney by your side to represent your interests. 

Types of Atlanta Bicycle Claims

Bicycle accidents can occur because a vehicle pulled out in front of a bicycle, a driver failed to yield the right of way, as a result of distracted driving, speeding, and more.  Regardless of the cause, an accident involving a bicycle should be taken seriously. An Atlanta bicycle accident lawyer will assist you with recovering two types of claims.  The most common types of accident claims are:  

  1. Damage to Property Claim – this type of claim helps you recover from the financial burden of the cost of repairing or even replacing your damaged bicycle. 
  2. Personal Injury Claim – this claim will help you recover your medical bills, loss of wages, and compensate you for the pain and suffering you have endured. 

If your bike accident was caused by another vehicle, your attorney will pursue your claim against the at-fault driver’s car insurance policy. In the event your driver leaves the scene of the accident, your uninsured motorist coverage may apply.

Bike accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Victims of negligent and reckless drivers have the right to claim their medical bills and other expenses. The bicycle accident lawyers at Council & Associates have a record of experience handling such cases. If you have any questions or want to assess the necessary steps to take to pursue your injury claim after your accident, contact one of our Atlanta bicycle accident lawyers at  (404) 562-8857.

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