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Atlanta Private School Lawyers

If your child attends a public school in Georgia and is injured at school, it may be difficult to recover damages for your child. However, if your child attends a private school in Georgia and is injured at school, you may have an easier time filing a lawsuit against them. Georgia private schools are not governed by immunity laws like Georgia public schools unless the private school receives federal funding.

Private School’s Responsibilities to Your Child in Georgia

A private school in Georgia owes your child and you as a parent the duties of reasonable care that include, but are not limited to, the following:


1. Supervision during recess, lunch, and any time your child will be playing in groups;


2. Safe and clean educational facilities including classrooms;


3. Maintaining and keeping repaired any school buildings; and


4. Employing competent and qualified teachers and coaches that will provide proper supervision for your child.

What You Can Sue A Private School for in Georgia

The majority of claims filed against private schools are not unlike the kinds of lawsuits brought against public schools in Georgia. You can sue a private school for the following things:

1. Sexual Harassment;

2. The school’s Failure to Supervise;

3. Failure of the school to provide a safe and well-maintained facility

Negligence in Private Schools in Georgia

Many causes of action against Georgia private schools as listed above involve some type of negligence. This may include a duty to follow its own policies or a duty to keep you or your child safe.

If your child’s private school breaches their duty to you and your child, you may be able to file a negligence claim against them.








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    Filing Suit Against Private Schools in Georgia

    In many cases, negligence involves an injury to your child that may have been caused by:

    1. Another student;

    2. A teacher;

    3. An accident that involves playground equipment;

    4. An accident caused by poorly maintained equipment;

    5. Failure to provide proper security that allows trespassers to be on the school premises.

    Negligent Supervision

    According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children between the ages of five and nineteen fall victim to many injuries as a result of intentional rather than negligent acts.

    It was also found that many of the injuries to your child and other children could have been prevented if there was adequate supervision on the part of the school.

    In some cases, if your child is being bullied or another child intentionally injures your child, the parents of the child that caused the injuries may be held liable.

    Negligent Maintenance of Equipment in Private Schools in Georgia

    Your child is given access to many types of outdoor and indoor equipment at their school that may be a hazard if the equipment is not properly maintained.

    For example, if the playground equipment is not checked for problems and properly maintained and your child is injured on that equipment, the individuals responsible for maintaining the equipment at the school may be held liable for your child’s injuries.

    Legally speaking, there are many variables involved in your child being injured while attending a Georgia private school. Additionally, the facts surrounding your child’s injuries are unique. Because of these things, it’s always prudent to hire a Georgia attorney who is familiar with child personal injury law.

    A qualified Atlanta, Georgia children’s law attorney will have the expertise necessary to file a lawsuit on your child’s behalf.

    If your child has been injured at a Georgia private school, you should contact knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled Georgia personal injury attorney, Lashonda Council Rogers and the Council & Associates team.