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Black Personal Injury Lawyer Atlanta, GA

If you’re thinking about scheduling a legal consultation with a reputable Atlanta, GA Black personal injury lawyer, connect with the skilled and dedicated team at Council & Associates, LLC. We proudly offer free case review services to all injury victims who are interested in learning about their rights and their options under the law.

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We have extensive experience assisting Georgia injury victims, so we truly understand just how overwhelming the aftermath of suffering physical harm can be. In addition to the energy victims need to expend simply to heal from their injuries, they often need to process mental and emotional trauma, navigate injury-related costs, and grapple with the reality that they may have to file a lawsuit in order to receive the compensation they’re owed.

If you’ve recently been harmed due to circumstances that weren’t your fault or were only partially your fault, know that you don’t have to manage this challenging situation alone. Our respected Atlanta Black personal injury lawyer team is here to help.

Our firm handles all manner of personal injury cases. Personal injury lawsuits can generally be filed successfully if a victim can prove three legal elements of their situation successfully:

  •  A defendant named in the case owed the victim a legal duty of care
  •   The defendant breached that duty by engaging in negligent, reckless, or intentionally dangerous conduct
  • The victim’s injuries resulted directly from the defendant’s breach

These are complex legal standards that apply to each case in unique ways. Don’t be concerned if you’re not yet sure of whether your circumstances meet these criteria. Our skilled legal team will objectively assess your situation and provide you with personalized, professional legal guidance so that you can make informed decisions about pursuing legal action with confidence.

Protecting Your Rights as an Injury Victim

All too often, a victim’s legitimate right to pursue compensation is compromised due to conscious and subconscious biases on the part of judges, juries, law enforcement officers, etc. If you’re hesitant to explore your legal options because you believe that you won’t receive a “fair shake,” understand that our team is well-aware of these biases and how to address them. While no lawyer should ever guarantee an outcome, know that our firm understands how to get our clients the favorable outcomes they deserve. We’ll do our utmost to protect your rights and maximize your compensation.

If Your Loved One’s Injury Case Resulted in Death

There is no question that connecting with a Atlanta, GA Black personal injury lawyer in the wake of a loved one’s preventable death can be a daunting prospect. The compassionate legal team at Council & Associates, LLC has discovered that encouraging surviving loved ones to familiarize themselves with the basics of the wrongful death lawsuit process in advance of their risk-free consultation session can help them to focus their energy and grief – however temporarily – on forming questions to ask us during their case evaluation session.

By learning the basics of this process, you may be inspired to ask more detailed questions about your own situation that may not have occurred to you had you not taken this proactive step. If you’re interested in embracing this approach, review the broad answers (noted below) to some of the most common questions we’re asked by surviving loved ones. If these answers inspire additional questions or concerns, simply write them down and bring them with you to your consultation so that our Atlanta Black personal injury lawyer team can address them in turn.

Are workers’ compensation death benefits awarded as part of a lawsuit?

No. If your loved one died as a result of work-related harm, we’ll need to discuss the time-sensitive process of applying for workers’ compensation death benefits separately. The workers’ comp system – which does not turn on the matter of fault like the personal injury lawsuit process does – is administered separately from the civil justice system.

How quickly do I need to file a lawsuit?

Technically, state law allows surviving loved ones and the estate of a deceased individual a few years to file a wrongful death lawsuit. However, it is important to seek legal guidance immediately. The strength of your case could ultimately turn on evidence that is at risk of being compromised or destroyed. Acting quickly will allow us to gather and preserve such evidence.

Is filing a lawsuit worth the effort?

You have lost a loved one and there is no greater loss on Earth than the loss of human life. Your family shouldn’t also have to bear the burden of the financial costs associated with that loss if they should be rightfully shouldered by the party who caused your loved one’s death. Some families file suit to pursue justice and others do so to better ensure that their financial security isn’t compromised due to another’s actions or inactions. Either or both motivations are solid reasons to pursue legal action.

What about insurance?

Insurance companies need to turn a profit to remain operational. As a result, they tend to undervalue and reject claims when they can. Allowing the team at Council & Associates, LLC to navigate the insurance claims process on behalf of your family will take that stress off of your plate and will better ensure that you’re awarded favorable and fair compensation.

Should I take a settlement?

If you have been offered a settlement, don’t sign ANYTHING until an Atlanta Black personal injury lawyer at our firm has reviewed the terms of this offer. Otherwise, you may unintentionally sign away your right to sue in exchange for undervalued compensation.

4 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Whatever the circumstances of your injury and legal case, it is recommended that you speak with an experienced black personal injury lawyer Atlanta, GA victims rely on at times like this. Going through a legal case can be as painful as the injury itself when you don’t have qualified and reliable legal representation from Council & Associates, LLC. Call us today to schedule your initial consultation.

  1. Legal Guidance
    There is nothing that can replace the reliable and sound legal guidance of an Atlanta black personal injury lawyer. Our lawyers at Council & Associates, LLC have experience and legal knowledge that will be beneficial for your case and help you to have a profitable and desirable outcome. You will have many legal decisions to make throughout your case, and it is wise to make those decisions while informed by the guidance of one of our lawyers.
  2. Avoid Legal Obstacles
    During personal injury cases, there are some predictable obstacles that we know how to avoid or prepare for ahead of time because we have been through cases like yours before. Experience has prepared us to know what potential pitfalls may come up throughout your case. By being prepared for these obstacles we can get you through the legal process for your case more smoothly and quickly, saving money, time, and headache for you. Let us put our experience to work for you and your case so that you can rest easy while we prepare your case for you.
  3. Focus on your Mental Health
    After experiencing an injury you likely have physical and emotional trauma that you need to heal from. Adding a legal case onto your plate may be more stress than is healthy for you take on. Allowing our lawyers at Council & Associates, LLC to handle your case for you and represent your interests will free you up to focus on your healing, physically and emotionally. It is traumatic to experience an accident and injury, and there is no shame in admitting that you need to focus on processing things and planning for your future. Get the help you need, including an understanding and qualified Atlanta black personal injury lawyer to manage your legal case for you on your behalf.

Get the Most for your Case

Let’s face it, medical bills are expensive, let alone all of the other expenses and losses that you likely have suffered due to this injury. As the bills related to your injury pile up you will more than likely see how you need compensation to come through to cover these expenses and recover your losses. On top of the medical bills, your losses could include loss of property, lost wages for not being able to work, and more. Having an experienced personal injury lawyer from our firm at Council & Associates, LLC will be beneficial because you will have someone on your side representing you that will not back down and will fight for the compensation that you need and deserve.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you have not yet called the offices of Council & Associates, LLC or reached out to us online to schedule a free consultation, please do so now. It’s important to avoid making any assumptions about whether your case is strong or weak until an experienced Atlanta black personal injury lawyer has objectively evaluated your circumstances. You may be owed far more compensation than you have initially allowed yourself to believe. We look forward to speaking with you about your situation and to providing you with the personalized legal guidance you deserve.









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