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Negligent Security Actions in Atlanta and the State of Georgia

Oftentimes serious injuries and death occur as a result of a complete lack of security, or lack of substantial security in various venues including apartment complexes, public shopping areas, sports arenas, nightclubs, concerts, as well as a host of other areas. Victims of the actions that can result from negligent security may experience violent assaults, rape, robbery, and even murder. These heinous acts of violence are inexcusable, but it is important to know how to seek justice for yourself or on behalf of a loved one following these situations.









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    First and foremost, owners of property are required by law to not only safeguard their property, but do it well. The legal responsibility to provide adequate security can extend to commercial business owners, property managers, security personnel, and homeowners. Premises liability law is the governing force behind businesses implementing adequate security measures. A party responsible for maintaining a property may be held liable for injuries that have occurred as a result of their failure to maintain a safe and secure environment. This raises the question, what does this management entail?
    When managing the affairs of their business, property managers and business owners are required to a degree to be aware of criminal activity on their property or the surrounding areas and to take the appropriate measures to prevent harm to their tenants, guests, and invitees. Additionally, property owners should have a system in place to document and report criminal activity on their premises. All in all, security should be a major concern for business and property owners alike in order to ensure the safety of the tenants and customers who support their businesses.

    There are numerous ways to provide adequate security. A few common methods include:

    • Functioning video cameras on site;
    • Proper security procedures;
    • Adequate lighting;
    • Security personnel on site;
    • Adequate door locks;
    • Restricted access to the property through gates and sensor activated doors; and
    • Criminal background checks on employees and tenants.

    Ask yourself: is the front gate at your apartment complex frequently broken?

    Are break-ins common? Was there a proper security checkpoint at the nightclub you visited last weekend? All of these questions are red flags and can indicate inadequate security. It is important to always be aware of your surroundings and take note of what is being done, or in some instances not being done, to protect you.


    We hope your safety is never endangered due to lack of security, but in the event that it is, we want to help. The Attorneys at Council & Associates, LLC have the skills, experience, resources, and knowledge to ensure that your best interests are protected as we seek justice on your behalf and strive to make our community a better, safer place. Please contact us for a free confidential case evaluation.
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