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Many amusement parks and other attractions are not only enjoying popularity in recent years for children’s birthday parties, and other activities, they have also been a few high-profile cases regarding accidents involving children..
As a parent, you may be asking yourself if your child has been a victim of an accident can you sue the business for premise liability and/or negligence if an accident occurred on their premises? The short answer is: yes. If a business fails to make their attraction as safe as possible, or if they fail to warn you or your child about the risks, they may be liable for negligence.
Many attractions in Georgia and other parts of the country make their visitors sign waivers that release the business from any liability for any accidents that may occur to you and your children.
In Georgia, these liability waivers are generally valid. That means you should think before signing away your right to sue. The exception to these waivers is that they do not prevent you from bringing a lawsuit if the business was guilty of gross negligence.

Let’s explore some of the most popular attractions in Georgia and their premises liability.


Trampoline Parks

According to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, nearly 100,000 emergency room visits every year across the U.S. are due to trampoline accidents.

Recently, parents have started suing the trampoline parks for such injuries as broken bones, neck and back injuries, spinal cord injuries, skull fractures, and traumatic brain injuries.

In February of 2015, Georgia lawmakers introduced a bill that provides minimum standards for trampoline parks including mandatory licensing, inspections, and record-keeping, however the bill failed to pass.

In addition, state laws don’t regulate trampoline parks as much as other amusement parks because they don’t require moving parts and/or machinery.








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    So, what is a trampoline park in Georgia responsible for?

    Based on Georgia premise liability law, businesses like trampoline parks have a duty to provide “reasonable care” for you and your children whether they are invited or uninvited to the property.

    In addition, even if you signed a waiver for yourself or your children, the waiver will not apply if the business owner allows a dangerous condition to be present on the property.

    IFly Indoor Skydiving

    A new Georgia attraction, IFly near the Braves stadium, allows visitors to simulate a skydiving freefall indoors. This attraction uses a vertical wind tunnel to propel you or your child into the air. Any child over the age of 3 can use the facility.

    Even though IFly says that their attraction is extremely safe, you need to decide if you want you or your children to take that risk.

    If you or your child is injured at IFly, the question of whether you would be able to sue would depend on your individual situation. For example, if they fail to limit the height of the attraction to a known safe position , or if they failed to supply helmets, they may be held liable for any injuries you and/or your child suffer..

    In addition, if IFly failed to warn you about potential dangers, that may make them liable for negligence.


    Six Flags

    In many cases, if you or your child was injured at Six Flags in Georgia, Six Flags would be held liable for your injuries. Accidents at Georgia amusement parks like Six Flags usually involve some form of negligence. If their negligence led to you or your child’s injury, then the park could be held liable.

    There are many types of injuries that can occur at Six Flags and other amusement parks the most common are:
    1. Slip and fall

    2. Roller Coaster injuries

    3. Sprained ankles

    4. Broken Bones

    5. Head injuries

    6. Back injuries

    7. Cuts

    8. Loss of limbs

    9. Death
    If you or your child was injured at Six Flags or any other attraction in Georgia, you should speak to an experienced injury attorney quickly.. Depending on the type of accident, you only have a certain amount of time to file your claim. If you miss the deadline for filing your claim, you won’t be able to recover any damages. . It’s always best in these cases to contact a qualified Georgia child personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

    River Tubing

    What could be better to beat the summer heat than to float down a river on a tube? However, any type of entertainment involving water comes with extreme dangers.
    In Georgia, a river tubing business, and other types of businesses owe you and your child a duty of care as an “invitee” under Georgia law. Invitees, such as you and your child should be given the highest duty of care, and in water parks, it’s possible that you or your child could drown, or die by other means in which case you could bring a wrongful death suit against the business.

    Summer Camps

    Summer camps have a duty to provide a reasonably safe facility for your children. If your child is injured due to the negligence or carelessness of a member of the camp staff or a volunteer, you may be able to pursue a premise liability case on behalf of your child.
    If you or your child has been injured at some type of amusement park or entertainment facility , you need a knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced child injury attorneys on your side. The Atlanta, Georgia law offices of Council & Associates specializes in children injury law. Contact us today for a free case review.