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Personal Injury Lawyer Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer - Personal injury law on a desk and gavel.If you recently suffered a significant injury and suspect it was due to the negligent actions of another person or entity, it may be in your best interest to discuss your situation with a reputable personal injury lawyer Atlanta, GA victims and their families can rely on. 

At Council & Associates, LLC our attorneys have the knowledge, skills, experience, and resources, to methodically seek justice on your behalf. We would be honored to be able to help you in recovering compensatory damages to help regain your losses and to aid in your recovery after sustaining your injury. To schedule a free case evaluation, please contact our offices as soon as possible after your accident.

Personal Injury Claim Goals

With the assistance of a reputable Atlanta personal injury lawyer, area residents who recently suffered an injury who believe that it was a result of negligent actions of another person or entity can pursue financial compensation. If we are able to prove liability on the behalf of the party that was suspected to have caused or contributed to conditions that caused the injury, compensation can be demanded by the judge in the form of a financial award. The intended goal of such an award is to help satisfy the wishes of the injured and is to help recover losses that were a direct result of the injury or condition. With many injuries, a financial award cannot make up for intangible losses, but it does help make the process of recovering less financially devastating.

Determining Liability

When you work with our dedicated legal team following your personal injury, we must first work to develop a strategy that meets the unique needs of your situation. We will work to develop a case that presents substantial evidence that effectively proves that the defendant was liable for causing the injury or contributed to conditions that caused it. Examples of evidence we may leverage in your case includes police reports, medical records, photos and video of the scene or injury, photos or video of the incident occurring, and eyewitness testimonies. Our team will work to provide careful consideration throughout each step of the process with the ultimate goal of achieving the desired outcome, a court ordered award or settlement that meets or exceeds your specific needs. 

Compensatory Damages for Personal Injury Cases

Economic damages: Tangible damages that can easily be quantified. The value of economic damages cannot be reinterpreted based on the perception of the jury or judge that is evaluating them.

Noneconomic damages: These are more of a challenge to quantify as noneconomic damages usually pertain to experiences that you endured as a result of your injury, such as pain and suffering, humiliation, anguish, or loss of enjoyment of activities.

Contact a personal injury lawyer Atlanta, GA from Council & Associates, LLC today to arrange a meeting with a qualified professional. During the initial meeting we will discuss the details of your case and determine if you have a potentially viable case. Most cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, with no upfront legal costs for our clients.