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Defining Personal Injury Law

Defining Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law protects your rights when you or your property is injured or damaged because of the negligence or intentions of another. Personal injury law holds the person or entity responsible for your injuries, and allows you to use the legal system to obtain damages or compensation for your losses. 

There are a wide range of situations where a person may use personal injury law. These situations include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • slips and falls, medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents, and other types of accidents in which you or your property sustain injury or damage because someone else was negligent;
  • intentional acts that cause injury or damage such as assault, battery, and wrongful death;
  • injury or damage caused by a defective product;
  • injury caused by defamation, libel, or slander; or
  • being deprived of liberty for any length of time, in other words, being held against your will

As you can see, personal injury law is complex and encompasses a wide range of injuries. Council and Associates knows that when you’ve been injured, the last thing you need is to try to learn personal injury laws while you are working on recovering. Let our team fight for your rights and the legal compensation you deserve. We have more than a decade of experience fighting personal injury claims against insurance companies, negligent businesses, landlords, and un/underinsured drivers.

How Personal Injury Cases in Georgia Work

While every personal injury accident is different, there are commonalities across most type of these cases.

Breach of a legal duty is a common case type. You see, drivers have a legal duty to operate their vehicle in a reasonable and prudent manner; doctors have a legal duty to provide competent medical care; and product manufacturers have a legal duty of not putting on the market any product that is unreasonably dangerous or defective. When someone breaches their legal duty, a claim for damages can be filed with a court of law.

However, many personal injury cases are resolved by settlements, especially when it is clear that a legal duty was breached or your rights violated. Generally, when a case is settled, the defendants make an offer of monetary compensation for your injuries. If you accept this offer, it is considered a legally binding promise that you will not file suit against the defendant for your injuries. If you do not accept the agreement, you would continue with filing your personal injury case and be heard in a court of law.

If you have been injured or your property damaged because of the negligence or intentions of another, attorney Lashonda Council Rogers of Council & Associates, LLC can help. Our team has successfully represented personal injury victims throughout Georgia. At Council & Associates, LLC, we understand that being a victim of someone’s negligence can be traumatic and expensive. That is why we are dedicated to helping you achieve the best outcome possible at trial or through settlement. For a confidential consultation, call (404) 495-5250 now.

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