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Tractor Trailer Accident

1.75 million

Our Client was crossing one of the busier intersections in Atlanta when a negligent truck driver struck them unexpectedly. This resulted in our client suffering a broken hand and a leg fracture. Our firm was able to secure a seven-figure settlement for our client’s pain and suffering following that horrific trucking accident.

Our client was driving and minding their own business when their vehicle was overturned, leaving the client with broken ribs. After hard litigation, our firm won over a half-million dollar settlement for our client’s medical bills and suffering.

Tractor Trailer Accident


Car Accident


Our client was driving around Atlanta in their normal routine when a commercial truck blindly struck them. The truck driver’s negligence resulted in a left shoulder injury. Following a brief round of negotiations, we were able to settle on a six-figure settlement for our client's injuries.


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