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How Does the Attractive Nuisance Law Affect Child Personal Injury Claims?


According to the Georgia Attractive Nuisance Law, five elements must be met by the possessor of land for them to be subject to liability for the physical harm of a child that is trespassing upon their land. These five elements include the following:

  1.    The place has conditions that the owner already knows or has a reason to believe that children are likely to trespass there.
  2.    The condition is such that the owner has a reason to know or already knows that unreasonable risk of serious injury or death could happen to a child.
  3.    Because of a child’s youth, they do not realize the risk or discover the condition of coming within the dangerous area.
  4.    The utility to the owner who is maintaining the hazardous condition and the burden of getting rid of the danger is very little compared to the risk of the child.
  5.    The possessor failed to exercise reasonable care in eliminating the danger to protect the child.


Is Every Age Covered by the Attractive Nuisance Law?

This law only protects children and is unavailable to adults. It also only applies to children that are trespassing and not those that are invited onto a premise. Other laws cover negligence in situations where a child is invited onto the property.


What Exactly is Reasonable Care?

Just like other kinds of personal injury claims, each situation involving the Attractive Nuisance Law is different and is based on the facts of each individual personal injury case that involves a child. Things like having appropriate fencing surrounding a pool can be sufficient, but conditions must be met to determine that reasonable care has been taken to eliminate any danger.


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