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Atlanta Car Accidents


According to the Georgia Department of Transportation, there have been 6 million cases of automobile accidents from the year 2000 to 2006 in the state of Georgia. There were over 11,000 people who lost their lives in traffic-related accidents–that is an average of 35 people dead per week as a result of these crashes. These accidents are not just concentrated in a specific place–they happen in rural, suburban and urban areas all around the state. The accidents were caused by different types of motorized vehicles like cars, pickups, SUVs, vans and even large trucks.

If you are living in the metropolitan area, it is advisable for you to know about the types of car accidents and who to call if you get involved in one as these are situations that you or a loved one may encounter. According to Georgia’s Crash Analysis Statistics and Information (CASI), here are the most common types of vehicular accidents in the state:

  • Head-on Collision: This is fatal due to the combined force of the vehicles involved. According to CASI, one out of ten fatal accidents is a head-on collision.
  • Rear-end Collisions: This is an accident that can be caused by tailgating or following too closely, another is distracted driving. These accidents often result in “whiplash” and soft tissue injuries.
  • Side Impact: Also called as Broadside or T-bone collisions. These occur mostly at intersections, and T-bone collisions have a 67 percent fatality rate according to CASI.
  • Car Pile-ups: This is caused by a chain reaction during accidents. This is a common type of accident when the weather is bad, or when visibility is low in usually high traffic areas. This may also cause serious injuries for the people involved.
  • Pedestrian-related Accidents: More often than not, if a pedestrian is hit it is most likely the driver of the motorized vehicle who is at fault.
  • Truck accidents: When a large truck is involved in an accident it is most likely to be fatal. Due to its size and weight, it may cause more damage than any other vehicle on the road. In addition to this, most large trucks require much longer stopping distances, so make sure you give them ample space.
  • Bicycle accidents: Cyclists are 10 times more likely to get killed in car collisions than the occupants of the motorized vehicles. Statistically, children are killed in car-related accidents at an alarming rate.
  • Roll-over Accidents: Top-heavy vehicles such as SUVs and trucks are often involved in these accidents. They are commonly caused by a defect in the vehicle rather than human error.
  • Single Vehicle Accidents: This can be caused by a vehicle hitting a fixed object or an animal. This can also be caused when a driver lost control because of a pothole, a blown tire, or a manufacturing defect on the vehicle.

These accidents can occur anytime and anywhere and may result in serious injuries to the parties involved. If you or a loved one get involved in a car related accident it is important to call an Atlanta Car Accident lawyer to have legal representation for your car accident claims. Accident victims deserve compensation for their injuries, property damage and especially their pain. If you have any concerns or questions about the necessary steps to take after being involved in a vehicular accident, please don’t hesitate to call one of our experienced car injury attorneys at Council & Associates, LLC immediately at (404) 526-8857.