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Atlanta Motorcycle Accidents


Motorcycle accident claims are one of the most difficult cases to defend. Accidents caused by motorcycles are complex due to the extensive nature of injuries and the contributing factors that affect the accident. Also, motorcycle riders believe that there is prejudice against them; that they are judged more harshly than accident victims riding in passenger vehicles.

Due to the complexity and complications, it is very smart for you as a motorcyclist to be aware of your rights to take proactive steps to protect yourself. One way to be proactive is to consult an Atlanta personal injury attorney. Here are some steps that an Atlanta personal injury attorney may propose:


Ask for Medical Treatment

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, it is important for you to get treatment. Being in an accident like this may cause severe injuries from a fracture to head trauma, to paralysis and even traumatic brain injuries. It is advised for you to seek medical treatment, go to the hospital, and stay there as long as your health provider recommends. Even if you are conscious and feel that there is nothing wrong, it is prudent for you to continue with the medical tests to determine the extent of the injuries. This way you can establish the timing of the injuries and how they are linked to the accident.


Continuing Medical Treatment

Continuing with your medical treatment is a must. That includes obeying your doctors’ instructions, including staying off of work or certain activities until you have fully recovered. Before a motorcycle accident claim may be settled, it is required for the victim to complete all the necessary medical treatment to determine the number of damages. In addition, insurance companies often look for ways on how they can deny claims or how to provide lower settlement offers by blaming the victim’s injuries worsening on not following medical advice.


Call the Police

If you get involved in any type of vehicular accident ALWAYS call the police, no matter how big or small the accident is. This will help you document the accident. A police report will help because it has all the important information you will need like the other driver’s identity, the insurance and the driver’s vehicle information. This report will also include whether the driver has citations and other observations that the responding police officer made.


Don’t Repair Your Bike

This may seem unreasonable but many Atlanta personal injury lawyers recommend prolonging repairs. This is because your bike is a big piece of evidence. It will help you show the seriousness of the accident. When claiming for settlement, reconstruction experts may be called to testify about nature and how severe the accident was. Having the bike examined this will establish that information.


Take Pictures, Talk to Witnesses, and Track your Expenses

Taking pictures of the accident is crucial evidence. Take pictures of your injury, damage to property, the other drivers’ vehicle, road signs and of anything that could have affected the incident. Ask your medical provider to document the extent of your injuries before and after medical treatment.

If there are any witnesses to the accident, ask for their names and contact information.

Lastly, track all your expenses. This will include medical expenses, loss of time from work, and property damage. Make a list and provide this information to your Atlanta injury claim lawyer.


Talk to an Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney Today

Victims such as yourself will need an Atlanta personal injury lawyer to talk about the options surrounding your case. A personal injury attorney can explain the legal processes and what to expect. Accident attorneys will help you prepare the legal documents, negotiate with the insurance companies, and attend legal court hearings to represent your best interests. They may also suggest bringing in experts and professionals to substantiate your claims. It is important for you to retain the services of an Atlanta personal injury lawyer who has the experience of handling motorcycle accidents.

If you have further questions about the necessary steps after being involved in a motorcycle accident, car accident, or truck accident please do not hesitate to contact one of our experienced personal injury lawyers at Council & Associates, LLC today at 404-562-8857.