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In the hustle and bustle of daily life, Atlanta roads are always busy. If you’ve been hit by another driver, you’re probably angry, hurt, and worried about how you’re going to pay your bills or fix your vehicle. You have the right to file a lawsuit for damages against the party who hit you, seeking the money you need to pay for your medical bills, repair your car, and other losses. But, getting the settlement you deserve isn’t always simple. If you’re facing difficulties getting money from the other driver’s insurance company, we can help. Contact an  Atlanta, GA, African-American car accident attorney from Council & Associates, LLC, today for a free consultation about your case!

African American car accident attorney Atlanta, GA

What Does An Atlanta African American Car Accident Attorney Do?

Simply put, your lawyer protects your interests. If the other driver tries to blame the accident on you, they can build a case showing that you are not to blame. Or, if the other driver’s insurance company tries to minimize your claim, they can negotiate for a higher settlement.

Your lawyer investigates the crash using the information in the official police report. This contains all the details about the crash and may be valuable evidence against the other driver. Your attorney also interviews witnesses, sometimes under oath, in a deposition.

You don’t have to worry about the paperwork for your case, either. Your attorney can file the necessary paperwork with the Atlanta civil courts, including the initial lawsuit and any legal motions needed. 

An Atlanta car crash lawyer also has resources that you may not have, such as expert accident reconstruction witnesses who can testify about how the wreck happened. Or, your attorney may have an expert medical witness testify about how the crash caused your injuries. This is important to show the jury that the cost of your full medical care and future needs should be included in your settlement.

If The Insurance Company Contacted Me, Do I Need A Lawyer?

Yes! Don’t be surprised if the other driver’s insurance company calls you, offering a fast settlement. It may look tempting, especially if you’re still recovering from your injuries and aren’t sure when you can get back to work. 

But, insurance companies aren’t in the business of handing out large settlements. Whatever offer they make is likely much less than the true value of your case – and once you accept, it’s done. You can’t get more money if it turns out you need more treatment. Your lawyer knows this and can properly value your claim.

They can also talk to the other driver’s insurance company for you, so nothing you say can be twisted into admitting fault for the wreck.

Council & Associates, LLC Atlanta, GA, African American Car Accident Attorney

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If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, you have the right to demand full and fair compensation for your losses. The Council & Associates legal team is committed to getting you the top-dollar settlement you deserve, and we’re not afraid to take your case to court to get it. Learn more in a free consultation with an experienced Atlanta African-American car accident attorney.








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