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Whether you’re zipping through traffic on I-285 or I-575 or enjoying a leisurely weekend drive along the Mt Olivet Loop, riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience. But, you trade fast and fun for protection when it comes to a traffic collision. When a motorcycle driver is hit by a car, SUV, or semi, the poor bike rider ends up much worse off than the other driver. Catastrophic injuries are common in motorcycle accidents, changing the motorcycle driver’s life forever. If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident, you could be eligible for compensation from the driver who hit you. You can learn more by talking to an Atlanta, GA, African American motorcycle accident attorney from Council & Associates, LLC, in a free consultation – call today!

African American motorcycle accident attorney Atlanta, GA

Your Atlanta African American Motorcycle Accident Attorney Fights For Your Rights

Motorcycle accidents aren’t just caused by a driver striking the biker. Motorcycles are more susceptible to flying out of control on uneven pavement or roads riddled with potholes. What would be just an annoying bump to an auto driver could be deadly for someone on a bike.

Cities and counties have a responsibility to keep the roads safe for all vehicle travel. If a municipality fails to keep the roads in good repair, then it could be liable for any wrecks that happen.

Or, perhaps your bike wasn’t repaired properly. A defective part or a mistake by a mechanic could make the bike unstable and hard to control. You could end up wrecking due to a poorly maintained vehicle.

An attorney can investigate the cause of your wreck and identify any other liable parties.

What Does An Atlanta Motorcycle Lawyer Do?

Your lawyer is your advocate, helping you understand your rights under Georgia personal injury laws. They conduct an independent investigation into the cause of your wreck and identify any liable party.

Then, your lawyer gathers evidence against the at-fault parties. A lawyer has access to resources you may not, such as being able to depose witnesses or other liable parties under oath in preparation for your trial or hiring an expert witness to verify the cause of your wreck and the effect of the injuries on your life.

A Council & Associates motorcycle accident lawyer is also a trained negotiator. They can represent you in mediation, guided negotiations with the other party’s insurance company. These negotiations can get contentious – your lawyer is your cool-headed guide to a top-dollar settlement.

Finally, if your lawyer can’t get a resolution through good-faith negotiations, then they can take your case to trial. Georgia civil courts have strict rules for presenting evidence and a case before a jury. Trust a skilled courtroom litigator to help the judge and jury see the other party’s responsibility for the accident and your injury.

Do You Need Help After A Motorcycle Accident In Atlanta?

Do you need help getting the compensation you deserve after a motorcycle accident in Atlanta? We can help! Contact Council & Associates today for a free consultation with an Atlanta African-American motorcycle accident attorney.

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