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Bicycling Accidents And Brain Injuries

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Naturally, many bicycle riders are very concerned with what kinds of injuries are most common when it comes to riding a bike and how they may be able to pay for medical care if they were to become injured. While skinned knees or sprains are common, they’re not life-threatening. One of the worst injuries you can sustain as a bicycle rider is a head injury. Even the safest of bicyclists can still get head injuries and it is important to understand what steps you should take when this happens. 

Are head injuries common for bicycle riders? 

Yes. Unfortunately, even as one of the most dangerous injuries they are also the most common. One out of three bicyclists who are injured (in a non-fatal way) suffers from a brain injury. That’s 33% of all injured bicyclists. At such a high number, it should be extremely common for bicyclists to file personal injury claims with the help of an attorney, such as a bicycle accident attorney


What kinds of head injuries are common? 

It’s easy to assume that a head injury is a head injury and there aren’t many varieties. However, there are different types that a person can sustain and depending on the circumstances surrounding the bicycle accident–whether you were wearing a helmet, what kind of vehicle hit you, what angle it hit you at, and how fast it was going–you may sustain a minor, moderate, or severe head injury. 

  • Skull fractures. Skull fractures happen when an object is hit against the skull or the skull hits an object upon impact. The skull may fracture leaving depressions or cracks. 
  • Hematomas. Hematomas occur when blood pools or clots in the brain. While many people think of hematomas as simple bruises, when they happen in the skull, they can cause such severe pressure that they become life-threatening quickly. 
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries. Also known as TBIs, these typically happen from penetration, blunt force, or being shaken. Without treatment, a person with a TBI can have severe, life-long damage that causes changes physically, mentally, and behaviorally. It is possible to recover from a TBI and not all TBIs are life-threatening, but it is crucial that you get treatment immediately. 


What can you do? 

Any time you suspect you have suffered from a head injury following a bicycle accident, it is imperative you seek medical attention right away. It may not be safe for you to get to a hospital or doctor on your own, so you may need to call a friend, family member, or local emergency services. 


You should not be worried that you will have to pay out of pocket for your medical bills after someone else caused an accident that resulted in your head injury. When you need help after a bicycle accident, call a lawyer you can trust.