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Fighting Employment Discrimination

Employment Discrimination Lawyer Individuals who are targets of discrimination not only suffer the emotional pain this mistreatment can cause but often suffer serious financial damages, as well. It doesn’t matter if the behavior occurs at work, at school, applying for housing, or any public place, discrimination of any kind is against both federal and state […]

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Man kneeling in front of grave with fresh flowers after losing a loved one to a serious pool injury
Serious Pool Injury

Wrongful Death As a wrongful death lawyer from The Lynch Law Group can attest, swimming can be both recreational and done as a sport. While swimming is very therapeutic, it can also be very dangerous if you are not extremely careful and the property owner fails to provide their duty of care at any point […]

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Common Types of Car Accidents - car crash accident on street, damaged automobiles after collision in city
Common Types of Car Accidents

Car Accident Lawyer Hundreds of thousands of car accidents occur in Florida every year. While some of these accidents are fairly minor, others can result in catastrophic injuries. If you were injured in a car crash caused by another driver, you may be entitled to receive compensation. Here are the most common types of car […]

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Main Causes Of Car Accidents

Car Accidents Car accidents are an unfortunate reality that the United States and the world have to live with. In the United States each day there are thousands of car accidents that lead to numerous injuries that vary from minor to severe. These accidents happen as the result of many different actions and circumstances. However, […]

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Estate Planning For Your Lifetime Legacy

If you have any money in the bank, are married, have children, or own items of sentimental value, then you can probably benefit from having an estate plan. Contrary to popular belief, estate planning is not just for the rich and famous. Anyone, no matter what their economic status, should consider establishing an estate plan. […]

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Malpractice Scenarios That Result In Harm - Gavel and stethoscope. medical jurisprudence. legal definition of medical malpractice. attorney. common errors doctors, nurses and hospitals make.
Malpractice Scenarios That Result In Harm

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Medical malpractice can happen when we expect to receive care for illness or injury. When medical care goes wrong, it can result in a worsening of an existing condition, or even loss of life.  The Role of a Medical Malpractice Lawyer Victims of medical malpractice should understand that they have the right […]

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