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How Do I Claim Daycare Abuse in Atlanta, Georgia?

Atlanta Georgia Child Care Abuse Attorney

How Do I Claim Daycare Abuse in Atlanta, Georgia?

Working is a part of life, but life with children adds another dimension to the world of work. It should be a given that our children will be cared for in a safe, healthy and kind environment, by people trained to do so. Sadly, too often, this is not the case; therefore, if you find yourself in a situation concerning daycare abuse, you need a qualified lawyer experienced in Child Care Negligence.

The state of Georgia has specific laws regarding Daycare Center Abuse, and it is important that all parents or guardians who use daycare be informed about these laws. It is also important that you research facilities, and find a lawyer knowledgeable about day care center rules and regulations this area, just in case you might be in need of his or her services.


Prevention of Daycare Abuse is the Goal

  • Parents or guardians need to research the care facility to assure it is licensed, has a good reputation, provides good references and has longevity and experience.
  • Check out the ratio of supervisors to children, check out the maintenance of the playground equipment to assure it is safe.
  • Check out the classroom environment to assure materials are stored properly and free falling items from improper storage is not an issue.
Atlanta Georgia Child Care Abuse Attorney

If you are experiencing the signs of child care abuse, contact Council and Associates today!

Because you trust the personnel of the daycare to be responsible while caring for your child or children, negligence is the ultimate betrayal. Negligence, in any form, is harmful and it should be immediately addressed, with the party held responsible for all injuries, medical costs, medical bills and pain and suffering.

No excuse exists that can support a daycare staff member’s failure to keep children safe. Because this is such an emotional issue, it is even more important to have a qualified attorney to help you maneuver the legal system, so you and your child have the best outcome in a bad situation.

The following are a list of the common injuries that happen in daycares.

  • Falling off playground equipment
  • Items falling on children from ledges, shelves or other storage places
  • Slips on playgrounds or sidewalks because of uneven surfaces
  • Head injuries
  • Leg or arm injuries
  • Neck or spine injuries


How Daycare Abuse Can Occur

Daycare injuries are usually boiled down to the following reasons:

  • Lack of proper supervision
  • An unsafe environment, in the classroom or outside play area
  • Inadequate staffing ratio of supervisor to children
  • Not adhering to state and federal policies
  • Not adhering to procedural requirements
  • Not following and maintaining safety standards
  • Child abuse by staff


Who Reports Day Care Abuse

  • It is important to know who, by Georgia state law,  is required to immediately report any signs of abuse to the proper authorities. The required reporters are:
  • Teachers
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Social workers
  • Police officers

A failure to report such abuse is a misdemeanor criminal offense.


Definition of Abuse

Georgia Child Protective Services identifies child abuse and neglect as follows:

  • An injury inflicted by a parent, guardian or caretaker, on a child under the age of 18 that results in internal injuries, bruises, fractures or scarring
  • Failure of a parent, guardian or caretaker to assure a child under 18 years old is appropriately housed, clothed, fed and supervised.


How to Manage Daycare Abuse

  • Qualified attorneys work to settle cases with the goal of  receiving compensation for medical costs as well as pain and suffering for the injured child.
  • An element of a successful daycare abuse case is to understand the circumstances of the alleged abuse or
  • An attorney can facilitate this investigation, and then he or she can create a well-founded case. Documentation is critical.


Abuse in the State of Georgia

Sadly, daycare abuse is quite a serious issue across the state of Georgia. If you use daycare, it is imperative that you are on guard for anything that can arise. Even with a careful eye, prevention it is not always possible. This reality underscores, again, the need for a qualified attorney who understands how to deal with the legality of the abuse, which can often result in long-term mental health problems.

When  entrusting a daycare with the care of your child, you have more than a reasonable right to assume your child or children will get the best care possible and that proper supervision is given at all times. When this turns out not to be the case, not only can physical harm result but also emotional harm can occur. Both must be addressed.

Not all children experience the same effects of abuse or neglect. Some suffer long lasting effects, and some can come to terms with the reality and eventually return to a healthy and contented childhood as well as a healthy and productive life.  Based on the individual situation, the lawyer will make sure your case results in the compensation needed to address all the effects of the situation.


Things to Know About Day Care in Georgia

  • The Georgia day care rules do not adequately address the following, so it is imperative that parents do research into the daycare and staff.
    • Background checks for daycare teachers for federal criminal histories
    • Background checks for daycare teachers for prior sex offenses
    • Supervisor to number of babies
      • Georgia ratio is high, six babies or infants to one supervisor
    • Daycare learning standards and educational requirements
    • Supervisor to number of children
      • Georgia ratio is high, eight toddlers who walk to one supervisor central to
  • If parents have concerns, it is the law that Georgia daycares must give parents access, and they must post information, such as what the children will eat.
  • Food intake and diaper changes must be logged.

All this information can be daunting and emotional as it relates to the care of your children.  If you suspect that your child has been the victim of daycare abuse, contact the qualified attorneys at Council & Associate, LLC (404) 526-8857.