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Do Computers Really Decide How Much Money I Receive for My Personal Injury Claim?

Do Computers Really Decide How Much Money I Receive for My Personal Injury Claim?

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In a matter of seconds, your life can be turned upside down because of the careless, negligent, or reckless actions of another driver.  The word “accident” implies that the other driver did not intend for the collision to occur.  In most cases, the at-fault driver does not intentionally set out to injure you and your family.  However, due to reckless driving, distracted driving, mistakes, or even something completely out of that person’s control, you may be suffering great physical pain, emotional distress, and financial hardship.

Does the Other Driver’s Insurance Company Protect Me?

Absolutely not!  The insurance company for the at-fault driver does NOT and will NOT have your best interest in mind.  Insurance companies are in business to make money.  When they must pay a large personal injury claim, this reduces their profit margin.  Therefore, insurance companies do everything within their power to mitigate losses and reduce the payment of your personal injury claim.  One way insurance companies work to reduce the amount paid on your personal injury claim is by using computational software to value your damages. 

How is a Computer Used to Value My Personal Injury Claim?

Insurance companies in Atlanta and throughout the United States are using computers to evaluate the personal injury claims in vehicle accidents. Insurance companies, including The Hartford, USAA, Travelers, Allstate, and MetLife, utilize computer software to analyze how much a personal injury claim is worth. Colossus®, a program developed by Computer Services Corp., helps insurance adjusters “reduce variance in payouts on similar bodily injury claims.”

The adjuster enters information regarding the personal injury claim into a computer which analyzes the data and arrives at a value for the personal injury claim.

Colossus® asserts that it “increases fairness to all customers” by ensuring consistency in the personal injury claim process.  Unfortunately, this may not always be the case.  The software compares your damages to those of another victim, however, each personal injury claim is unique and the losses for each victim are extremely personal — this must be factored in when settling a personal injury claim.  Furthermore, the jurisdiction in which you live and who you hire as your attorney can affect the amount of compensation the insurance company offers as a settlement.

In addition to the data regarding the accident and whether you have hired an attorney, the software factors in whether that attorney tends to settle the majority of their lawsuits or take those matters to trial.  It also analyzes the cases tried in your jurisdiction to determine the percentage of cases won by accident victims and the amount of the jury verdicts in those cases.  While such information has NOTHING to do with your personal injury claim and should not be used to determine the fair value of your claim, it often is.  A computer program can neither comprehend the life-changing impact of the accident nor empathize with the intense pain you experience each day from your injuries.

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