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DUIs Increase during the Holidays – Drivers Beware of DUI Accidents

DUIs Increase during the Holidays – Drivers Beware of DUI Accidents

Image Credit: Jacob Botter

Image Credit: Jacob Botter

Atlanta is notorious for having some of the most dangerous roads in the country.  The amount of traffic each day and the high rates of speed at which drivers travel significantly contribute to such notoriety.  In September, reporter Heather Leigh of News 4 JAX reported on the rise of highway fatalities in Georgia.  According to her report, law enforcement officials are calling this a “deadly epidemic” that is taking over our roads in Atlanta and throughout Georgia.

During the first quarter of 2015, accident-related fatalities increased 25% in comparison to the first quarter of 2014.  Based on this number, we can expect an average of 100 road fatalities per month for 2015.  Unfortunately, according to DUI statistics, the number of road fatalities may increase even more during the holidays.

Drinking and Driving During the Holidays

Many people believe there is nothing wrong with enjoying a few drinks during the holidays.  However, it is illegal to enjoy too many alcoholic beverages and drive drunk.  The increase in drunk drivers on our roads can result in more DUI accidents.  Based on these startling holiday DUI statistics, you need to beware the risk of being involved in a DUI accident.

  • “Blackout Wednesday” (the day before Thanksgiving) begins the DUI holiday season.  In many areas of the country Blackout Wednesday is the biggest holiday drink day, beating New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day.
  • In a related survey, 40 percent of the participants reported that their friends and family often use the holidays as an excuse to drink.  Fifty-seven percent of them have reportedly seen people driving drunk.
  • Two to three times more people die in DUI- related accidents during the holiday season than any other time throughout the year. 
  • It is estimated that some 1,200 people will die and another 25,000 people will be injured this holiday season in DUI-related accidents.
  • The number of DUI traffic-stops increases by 155 percent on New Year’s Eve and 33 percent on Christmas Eve.

Do Your Part to Prevent DUI Accidents This Holiday Season

As you are enjoying the holidays, do your part to prevent DUI accidents.  Do not drink and drive.  Even one drink can reduce your reaction time behind the wheel.  Have a designated driver when you go out.  Do not let party guests drive if they have been drinking.  Take them home, put them on a bus, or call them a cab.  If you are on the road and you observe a drunk driver, contact law enforcement immediately to report the driver.  The steps you take can prevent DUI accidents and save lives.

Have You Been Injured in a DUI Accident?

If you are one of the estimated 90 million people who will be traveling by road this holiday season, be safe.  If you can, avoid traveling on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve when the number of DUI violations significantly rises.  Be vigilant while driving and remain focused on the road and other drivers to increase your chances of avoiding an accident.  The Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety provides more information about being safe this holiday through Operation Zero Tolerance.

If you are injured in a DUI accident, we can help.  The Atlanta DUI accident attorneys of Council & Associates, LLC will help protect your legal right to hold the negligent driver responsible for your injuries.  DUI is a crime — you may have a civil claim against the driver under Georgia’s personal injury laws.

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