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Is Your Child Safe At Daycare?

Is Your Child Safe At Daycare?

Most working parents must eventually make the difficult decision to entrust their child into the care of another.  The person who cares for your child has a legal duty to provide a safe environment for your child and to protect your child from harm.  Often times, that person is an employee of a daycare.  But is your child really safe at daycare?  Do state inspections help increase the safety of daycare facilities?  Not always.

Connecticut Child Burned While at Daycare

A 13-month old boy was severely burned by scalding water from a bottle warmer when he allegedly pulled it onto himself at Ballestrini’s Childcare Center, a Waterford, Connecticut daycare facility.  According to news reports, the daycare facility tried to minimize the incident but the child’s father requested emergency medical assistance.  When police arrived, the child had visible second-degree burns to his right arm.  Emergency medical professionals transported the toddler to a hospital in New London for treatment.

State records show a corrective plan was put into place two years ago after the state found violations at the daycare facility.  In a statement by the daycare facility, the incident was described as an “unfortunate accident,” but attention was called to the fact that on November 17, 2015, The Connecticut Office of Early Childhood conducted an unannounced inspection which did not result in any violations by the daycare.

The video is difficult for anyone to watch but especially for a parent with a child in daycare.  Working parents understand the heartbreak, frustration, and emotional stress associated with leaving their children in the care of another.  However, most parents have no choice in today’s economy. 

As a Parent, How Would You Feel About This Situation?

In a statement reported by NBC Connecticut, the young boy’s father, Rafael Luiz of New London said, “I know this wasn’t on purpose, but who was the genius that said, ‘Let’s put this hot water right here where the kids can pull a cord and it will fall on them?’ It could have been worse. It could have landed on his face.”  Luiz wants to make sure that this does not happen again.  According to the news report, there is an ongoing investigation but no charges have been filed.

How would you respond if this were your child?  Would you demand criminal negligence charges be filed against daycare personnel?  Would you consider a civil lawsuit? 

Has Your Child Been Injured in an Atlanta Daycare Facility?

We pray your child is always happy, safe, and healthy.  However, in the event your child is injured in a daycare center, you need to understand your rights.  While we are thankful that the child in the above story will recover from his injuries, he will likely suffer permanent scarring and the family will likely incur financial loss due to treatment of the child’s injuries. Who is responsible for these damages?

Council & Associates, LLC is an Atlanta-based daycare injury law firm that understands the emotional, physical, and financial damages that can result from an injury in a daycare center.  If you have questions, we want to help.  Contact our office by calling (404) 526-8857 or contact us now online to schedule a free consultation.

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