Negligent Security: Nightclubs

Negligent Security: Nightclubs

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Nightclubs and bars are commonplace for adults for evenings of entertainment, happy hours, and other social engagements. The atmosphere is ideal for meeting new people, celebrations, or simply just having a great time, which makes nightclubs and bars popular nighttime destinations. Unfortunately, bars and nightclubs can also be a common arena for crime. Assaults are extremely common in these venues for a number of reasons. The presence of alcohol or illegal drugs can cause individuals’ tempers to flare unnecessarily and violence to occur from minor occurrences such as simply bumping into someone and causing them to spill their drink slightly.

Nightclubs like many other public establishments are held to a legal standard by premises liability law stating that anyone who is invited onto the property has the right to expect protection against any foreseeable harm. Club owners, by not taking the necessary and reasonable measures to protect their patrons, can be held liable for injuries suffered. All too often nightclubs negligently ignore their security needs, which may result in injury or death to patrons. First and foremost, nightclub owners must take reasonable steps to prevent gun and other weapons from entering their clubs. Clubs should have a bouncer or security guard not only checking that every patron is at least 21 years of age, but also checking every patron for weapons on their person or in any bag or purse they may have with them. If you go to a nightclub and this is not present, it should be an immediate red flag.  Moreover, club owners should limit the number of patrons they allow in their facilities. All venues have a status of maximum capacity that is determined by the fire department. Over-crowding can be a significant cause for injury and other complications. If you find yourself unable to move comfortably throughout the facility, then that may be a red flag for over-crowding. Additionally, security cameras should be present at all entrances with independent monitors.

With adequate security measures in place, injuries and death at nightclubs can be prevented. Sadly, these incidences occur too often. If you or someone you know has been the victim of violence at a nightclub or bar due to negligence, we want to help. Club and bar owners need to be held accountable for their actions and work to make their environments safe for their patrons. At Council & Associates, we have the skills, expertise, knowledge, and resources to vigorously fight for you or your loved one. Please contact us at 404-526-8857 for a confidential, free consultation.

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