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Sheltering Arms Fires Worker Accused of Tossing Child

Sheltering Arms Fires Worker Accused of Tossing Child

Recently, local news released surveillance video from March 2015 showing a male Sheltering Arms daycare worker toss a 5-year-old child to the floor. Whether the worker’s actions were in anger or he and the child were engaging in rough play is unknown, however, a few minutes after the incident, the video shows the worker comforting the crying child with words and an ice pack.


According to the investigation report, the child sustained abrasions to his nose and upper lip and a knot on his forehead. The news reported that the worker was put on probation for his actions, and the facility was fined $499. Later, facility executives fired the worker over this incident. The facility issued a statement saying they updated their policies so that issues are addressed by executive staff quicker while the Greater Atlanta YMCA provided a statement saying the organization is diligent in implementing the recommendations of Bright from the Start.


The problem is that none of these “solutions” do anything to make parents feel more secure in their child-care decisions. If you watch the video closely, you may be wondering-

  • Why was there only one child care worker in a room with numerous children
  • How did this violent act affect the other children in the room
  • Since the incident appears to have taken place in the activity area of the room, why isn’t the camera clearly focused on that area of the room?
  • What measures have been put in place to prevent this from ever occurring again?


We wondered these same things, so we conducted our own research.


Results of a Sheltering Arms DECAL Search


Sheltering Arms is a large, respected, non-profit organization that receives $3 million in state funding. Yet, upon further investigation, it was found that Sheltering Arms has violated several child safety regulation this year alone.

  • The East Point Facility failed to complete emergency drills for most of last year; violated safe sleeping rules; and failed to provide the state with training documentation for 17 staff workers. (01.21.15 Licensing Study)
  • In March 2015, state investigators found the Cobb County Sheltering Arms failed to keep current lesson plans; failed to appropriately disinfect toys; failed to ensure proper hygiene; and failed to provide clean crib sheets daily; and again, a worker handled a child in an inappropriate manner. In July, an investigation found that the facility failed to provide adequate supervision after a child was left alone in a room for more than 20 minutes.
  • One Lawrenceville facility was cited in November of 2014 for leaving a child alone outside for about five minutes in October and while the facility promised to provide supervision training, another child was left alone again in August 2015.


Monitoring visits don’t seem to be enough. We believe the only way to truly stop daycare abuse and negligence is to hold facilities accountable.  


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November 9, 2015 Council and Associates LLC General