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Should You Provide a Recorded Statement After an Auto Accident?

Why Should I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Being asked to provide a recorded statement after a car accident is not unusual. Car accidents happen on a daily basis all around the United States.  Even if it seems like it was just a minor collision, a minor crash can still have a negative or even devastating effect on your life. If your car was left undrivable after an accident, you may find yourself without a car which could hinder you from being able to work,  run errands, and take care of your family. Accident victims often have questions about what their rights are which in turn can cause stress about not knowing how to deal with your insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company.

After a car accident, you are required to inform your insurance company about the incident. The insurance company will often record the statement as part of their protocol.  After the interview, they may even ask you to sign an agreement to settle the claim despite the early stages of the case and only after a short investigation has taken place. While it may seem like the easiest thing to do, we do not advise you to trust the insurance companies or settle without first consulting an attorney. Insurers are in the business of making money. They want to settle early and low-ball your car accident settlement in hopes of resolving the case quickly and avoiding a trial.

Should You Give a Recorded Statement to Insurance Companies After an Accident?

Many clients ask, “Should I give a recorded statement after an automobile or trucking accident?”  If you’ve been injured in an accident, you should not give a recorded statement to the insurance company until you speak with an experienced accident attorney. It’s not unusual for someone who’s been in an accident to assume a recorded statement is harmless. They may also assume that there is nothing to worry about since they are just telling the truth about what happened in the accident during a recorded statement.

In reality, most recorded statements given to insurance companies without the help of a lawyer can actually do more harm to an injury claim. Harm that could negatively impact an injured person’s right to recovery. In fact, some insurance adjusters use recorded statements to try to get injury victims to say things that are detrimental to their claim. Remember, insurance adjusters are in the business of diminishing claims. Therefore, if you were in an automobile or trucking accident, contact an experienced accident attorney.  What you say during a recorded statement will follow your claim until the end.

What Compensation Is Available After an Auto Accident Case?

In addition to dealing with insurance adjusters, many people may be dealing with pain after the accident.  More often than not, when you get involved in a car accident you may suffer from injuries that would send you to the hospital and accumulate medical bills that could be very stressful. Often, it is not just you that gets affected, the pain and suffering can also affect your family. That is why you have the right to make the at-fault party pay for their wrongdoings. Even in instances where no one was hurt, you can still receive compensation with the aid of an Atlanta personal injury lawyer.

Your car accident lawyer should have the expertise and experience to investigate thoroughly on your behalf, interpret all data that has been collected, and determine and maximize your car accident claim. When you file for this you can be eligible to be compensated for: 

Council & Associates has over a decade of experience going head-to-head with big insurance companies to make sure that our clients get the best results and the compensation that they truly deserve. Our law firm has helped many clients prepare for their recorded statements to the insurance company. Even if the settlement that the insurance companies are proposing seems fair to you, have it reviewed by a car accident lawyer. Do not risk losing potentially tens of thousands of dollars, possibly even hundreds of thousands of dollars, by representing yourself in an accident case. If you accept a settlement with the insurance company, it may be impossible to take further legal action related to the car accident.  

Our law firm knows that you have a lot on the line after your accident. An experienced car accident lawyer will make sure that your case will be filed within the statute of limitations and that the insurance companies do not get away with low-balling your claim. We are known to be the law firm that cares for our clients because we invest our time and dedicate ourselves to each client. We also have the resources needed to investigate your accident, gather proof that will serve as evidence in your case, can help you prove liability, file your case, and negotiate with your best interests at heart.

Free Consultation With An Accident Lawyer

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