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Social Media and Nursing Home Abuse

Social Media and Nursing Home Abuse


When we place our loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility, we worry about nursing home abuse.  The news is full of stories of residents and patients being abused by staff, nurses, aides, and others in nursing homes throughout the United States.  A recent story brings to light another form of nursing home abuse.  Social media is now being used to victimize in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. 

In a recent story published by ProPublica, inappropriate social media posts by nursing home employees were uncovered.  Since, 2012, an alarming 36 incidents of this type of misconduct were found. The story highlights the need for tougher laws and penalties for anyone working in a nursing home, assisted living facility, or other facility who are convicted of violating a patient’s privacy using social media.  Just the act of taking videos and pictures of residents without their consent and posting those items to social media is a clear violation of the person’s privacy regardless of whether the photo or video shows the person in a compromising or embarrassing situation.

Examples of Nursing Home Abuse Using Social Media

  • Brookview Meadows, Green Bay, WI – Two employees shared videos and photos of nude and/or partially nude residents on Snapchat.  One video showed a resident being assisted with an obstructed bowel while another showed a resident vomiting.  Both employees pleaded guilty to criminal misdemeanor charges.
  • Greenfield Health and Rehabilitation Center, Lancaster, NYA nursing aide took a photograph of a resident’s genitals covered in fecal matter and shared the photos on Snapchat. The employee pled guilty to a misdemeanor criminal charge.
  • Centers for Living and Rehab, Bennington, VT A staff member took a photograph of a resident sitting on the toilet and posted it to her personal Facebook page. Even though the resident was fully dressed and the staff member may not have meant anything malicious, it was still an invasion of privacy and done without the resident’s consent.
  • Newaygo Medical Care Facility, Fremont, MIA nursing assistant took a picture of an Alzheimer’s patient on the toilet with her genitals exposed. The nursing assistant drew graphic images on the photograph and posted it to social media. The employee pled no contest to a felony criminal charge.

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