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What Spinal Injuries Can Happen in Auto Accidents?

Atlanta, Georgia Auto Accident Attorney

What Spinal Injuries Can Happen in Auto Accidents?

When you are in an auto accident in Atlanta, Georgia, there are many different injuries that may occur. Some of the worst of these are spinal injuries. There are many different spinal injuries that you could suffer from, and some of these will completely change the rest of your life. When an auto accident happens, there is a lot of force from the impact, and this could cause your body to twist in unnatural ways, damaging your spine. Then, there are auto accidents in which the back is impacted by heavy objects in the collision or where the spine is crushed or compressed. Spinal injuries could involve the vertebrae, the discs, or the spinal cord. They could also involve the muscles, too. Some will keep you from being able to work. Others will keep you from being able to drive. Still others will keep you from being able to take care of yourself at all. In some cases, all of these things may happen. You may be unable to function at top performance until you heal, or you may have a permanent injury and disability. Some of the common spinal injuries in Atlanta, Georgia, auto accidents are described below.

Spinal Disc Injuries in Atlanta, Georgia, Auto Accidents

Your spinal discs are located in between the vertebrae or bones of your spine. They are there to cushion your

Atlanta, Georgia Auto Accident Attorney

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movements and act as shock absorbers for your spine. When they are injured in an Atlanta, Georgia, auto accident, you might have a slipped disc, a herniated disc, or a bulging disc. These are very painful injuries that may result in pain that shoots or radiates into your hips, shoulders, neck, and limbs. In some cases, they may put pressure on your spinal cord, resulting in a spinal cord injury. In many cases, however, the injury is not as severe as it is painful, and it can be addressed through surgical procedures. Even so, not all of these injuries will require surgery, and you may be able to take care of it with physical therapy, rest, and pain medication. Depending on the severity of the injury, you may become disabled and unable to work, though you should still be able to move and walk.

When Paralysis Results From an Atlanta, Georgia, Auto Accident Spinal Injury

There are many situations where people are so severely injured in Atlanta, Georgia, auto accidents that their spinal injuries result in permanent paralysis. This happens when the actual spinal cord is damaged severely. The person loses all sensation and all functioning in the given body part or parts. In the worst cases, quadriplegic paralysis will cause the auto accident victim to have no functioning or sensation in any part of their body below the neck. Then, there are those who suffer from paraplegic paralysis in which the person loses all functioning and sensation in their body below the waist. Somewhat less frequent are the forms of paralysis that either affects just one side of the body or even just one limb. When only one side of the body is affected, this is called hemiplegic paralysis. When just one limb is affected, then this is called monoplegic paralysis. Sometimes, when spinal cord damage occurs, it is possible to avoid paralysis by remaining perfectly motionless until help arrives and you are able to get treatment for your injuries. In other cases, someone with paralysis will eventually recover some sensation and some functioning in the affected body parts. In many situations, the victims of auto accidents will remain permanently and completely paralyzed for the rest of their lives. There are also many Atlanta, Georgia, auto accidents that result in death through spinal cord damage.

What are the Most Common Symptoms of Paralysis in Auto Accidents with Spinal Injuries?

When an Atlanta, Georgia, auto accident causes spinal cord injuries that are severe enough to cause any kind of paralysis, you are likely to experience tingling or numbness or loss of sensation and functioning in the affected areas. Yet, there are other symptoms that you may not expect to experience with such injuries. For example, you might experience exaggerated reflexes and uncontrollable spasms. Beyond this, you may lose control of your bowels and your bladder. Some people struggle to breathe when they become paralyzed, especially those with quadriplegic paralysis or hemiplegic paralysis. Panicking is the first response of most people who experience symptoms of paralysis, yet panicking can only make things worse. Remember that you may have spinal cord injuries that can be repaired, but panicked movements could worsen the injuries until they cannot be repaired. It is also possible to experience many of these symptoms even without being paralyzed, because other conditions could be affecting you too. After any auto accident with severe injuries, especially one where you suspect that your spinal cord has been damaged, you should remain still and wait for help to arrive.

What to Expect When Treating Paralysis and Paying for Treatment After an Atlanta, GA, Auto Accident

There are a lot of expenses associated with a spinal cord injury that results in paralysis. These go beyond your medical expenses – which can be tremendous – and extend to the costs of ongoing care and assistance and even remodeling your home or moving into a home that is disability friendly. Add on top of this the fact that you are going to be unable to work, and you can find yourself in a very devastating financial position. You are also likely to require mental health care treatment to adjust to your new condition and life situation. Many people suffer from long term anxiety, depression, and PTSD after a spinal cord injury causes paralysis. This is where you are able to recover compensation for your lost wages, your disability, your medical expenses, your pain and suffering and more.

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