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13 Teen Driving Tips — Is Your Teen Getting a Car For Christmas?

13 Teen Driving Tips — Is Your Teen Getting a Car For Christmas?

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Top Five Rules for Teen Drivers

Review the top five rules for teen driving as often as possible with your child. Establish non-negotiables with your teen – breaking the following rules will result in a loss of driving privileges:

  1. NO speeding;
  2. NO cell phones or other electronic use while driving;
  3. NO extra passengers (set your limit of passengers for your teen driver);
  4. NO alcohol or drugs; and
  5. NO driving or riding while not wearing a seatbelt.

Other Teen Driving Tips You May Find Helpful

Parents teaching their teen to drive safely may benefit from the following teen-driving tips:

  • Begin with small trips less than 10 minutes from home then gradually increase driving time.
  • Provide ample in-vehicle instruction from the passenger seat. The more time you spend with your teen driver the better you can judge his or her driving ability.
  • Require your teen driver to read the Driver Handbook front to cover; not just the material he or she needs to review to pass the written driver’s test.
  • Set good examples when you are driving. Drive the speed limit, do not show signs of aggressive driving, obey all traffic laws, etc.
  • Educate your teen in what to do if he or she is in a vehicle accident.
  • Limit nighttime driving until you are confident in your teen’s ability to drive. Consider lowering the passenger limit at night to reduce distractions.
  • Allow your teen driver to gain experience driving in all types of weather while you are in the vehicle to provide support and instruction.
  • While you may not want to buy a new car for your teen driver, make sure the car you do provide is safe. Newer models tend to have better safety features than older models.

Do You Need an Atlanta Accident Attorney?

We hope that you and your teen driver will never need an automobile accident attorney. However, in the event that you do, do not hesitate to contact Council & Associates, LLC . Our accident attorneys will help you navigate the legalities of a claim while you focus on the healing process. Call (404) 526-8857 or contact us now to schedule a free case evaluation.

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