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Top Tips To Avoid A Truck Accident

Top Tips To Avoid A Truck Accident - Generic semi trucks speeding on the highway at sunset - Transport

Truck Accident Lawyer

You might be entitled to financial compensation when a truck accident happens due to another party’s negligence. However, truck accidents are deadly, and sometimes who’s at fault isn’t always straightforward. For these reasons, it’s best to exercise extreme caution when you’re around semi-trucks and other large vehicles. This guide will explore the top tips to employ to avoid a truck accident. 

Give a Truck Plenty of Space

You should always give any vehicle plenty of room to complete actions like stopping and turning. However, for trucks, you want to provide even more space. Semi-trucks can often take up two lanes of traffic, and unfortunately, tire blowouts are far from being rare. Never pass a truck on the right-hand side because you can easily get trapped between the truck and the curb. 

Exercise Extra Caution When Passing 

One complaint drivers often have when they see a commercial truck on the road is that they move much slower than other vehicles. Many factors can influence why a truck moves slower than the vehicles around them, such as their cargo, weight, local and state laws, and the driver exercising overall safety. While frustrating, a truck driver moving slower is often necessary. However, if you find yourself absolutely needing to pass a commercial truck, ensure you do so properly. Only pass on their left and in a passing zone, never pass them going uphill or downhill, and only return to your respective lane when you can comfortably see them in your rearview mirror. 

Monitor Weather Conditions 

Sometimes, we can avoid the road during terrible weather conditions or explore other modes of travel like taking the bus. However, truck drivers often don’t have this luxury. Instead, truck drivers often are forced to work even during a nasty winter storm or the day after. While drivers generally have a lot of experience in handling inclement weather, if a crash does happen, it can be very nasty. So, when possible, avoid the road during bad weather. 

Be Very Careful When You’re Merging

We’re used to merging onto the highway or other lanes of traffic, but doing so can be dangerous when an 18-wheeler is nearby. So if you see a semi-truck around when getting ready to merge, give it extra room. 

Avoid Road Rage of Any Kind 

Sometimes, driving can stress us out, especially if we’re running late for work. Having to deal with a slow commercial truck in front of us, and there’s no opportunity to pass, can get the better of us. However, the last thing you want to do is try picking a fight with a 60,000-pound truck. Actions like honking your horn or tailgating the truck can also cause the driver to become angry. Furthermore, doing so can lead to an accident, and you’ll likely be at least partially at fault if an accident does occur. Instead, remain calm, but if an accident happens, you’ll want help from a truck accident lawyer, which our friends at Morales Law Firm agree with.