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What You Need to Know About Georgia Truck Accidents

trucking accident injuries georgia

If you or a loved one has been seriously hurt having been involved in a big truck accident, it is suggested to take immediate actions towards securing your health, well-being and your livelihood. Victims injured in big truck wrecks have found themselves in a legal battle that may seem impossible. Suing a trucking company or going up against their insurance companies may seem–like a real-life David and Goliath fight.

Having to go head-to-head with big corporations and their big insurance companies is something that should not be taken lightly. Their main purpose is to overwhelm you and to prevent you from getting the right compensation, in turn leaving you with tremendous emotional and financial burdens. Therefore, it is not recommended to pursue a truck accident claim on your own. Instead, you should focus on much more important things like recovering from your injuries and time with your family.  

Georgia Truck Accident Lawyers

While the laws of each state differ, if you’ve been involved in a truck accident in Georgia, you want experienced truck accident lawyers to fight for your claim and for you to get the compensation you deserve. They will be able to conduct a thorough and independent investigation to get to the bottom of things, to determine the at-fault party, and to gather all the evidence pertaining to your case. Plus, trial lawyers that have handled cases like this know what to look for, like insurance agents’ tricks that will provide limited compensation for the victims. 

Do not make the mistake of hiring inexperienced lawyers or worse, negotiating with insurance companies on your own. Experienced and knowledgeable big truck accident attorneys will help you recover from the loss of wages, emotional stress, serious physical injuries, medical bills, and the pain and suffering by making sure that you are entitled to claim for the compensation that you deserve. 

Examples of Trucks in Common Accident Cases

Truck accidents are not limited to just 18-wheelers. Other types of trucks can also cause devastation when they get involved in such accidents: 

* Tractor Trailers 

* Flatbed Trucks 

* Tanker Trucks 

* Dump Trucks 

* Cargo Trucks 

* Recreational Vehicles 

What to Know About Georgia Truck Accidents

Truck-related accidents also happen in a variety of ways, such as: 

  1. Blind Spots – All big trucks have blind spots also called “no zones.” There are certain areas of these big trucks where drivers have difficulty seeing other vehicles. Failure to monitor these may lead to truck-related accidents. 
  2. Brake Failure and Improper Braking Techniques– This is caused by poor maintenance or even oversight during the inspection process. Not many people know this but truck drivers are trained on different braking techniques to improve stopping distances and prevent the brakes from locking. Failure to employ these techniques can cause the truck to lose control and thus result in a truck accident. 
  3. Rear-Ended Collisions – Big trucks need more room for stopping compared to regular vehicles on the road. Anticipating and calculating the space needed for stopping is required from truck drivers. A slight miscalculation and tail-gating can cause rear-ended collisions. 
  4. Roll-Overs – Trucks are definitely taller and wider than other vehicles on the road. A rollover accident is prone to happen when they pass tight corners at high speeds. Due to a truck’s weight and size, when it topples over it may cause a huge amount of wreckage that can lead to a vehicular pile-up. 
  5. Drunk Drivers – Unfortunately there are still drunk drivers out there. Even if the law has intensified the punishment for DUI’s people still do not think about the consequences of driving under the influence. When driving trucks with such immense size and weight concentration is important. Whatever vehicle we may be driving we should never do anything or take anything that will impair or cloud our judgment and ability to make split-second decisions. 
  6. Trucks against Motorcycles – Trucks and motorcycles are the most incompatible vehicles on the road due to their size and speed difference. Most motorcycle accidents happen when they come face to face with big trucks because of the truck’s blind spots. Accidents involving big trucks are mostly fatal to motorcycle riders. 
  7. Underride – This is a vehicular accident involving trucks in which one vehicle (smaller) slides beneath a truck and gets wedged underneath. This is an especially deadly accident. 
  8. Improper Loading – 18-wheelers and flatbeds often carry cargo to deliver. If their load is not secured or is loaded unevenly, this can cause their cargo to break free and cause an accident affecting nearby vehicles. 
  9. Truck Mechanical Error – Just like regular vehicles (cars), trucks also have mechanical errors. Parts may have defects that may lead to malfunction and can cause an accident resulting in serious physical injuries or even death. 

Truck accidents often leave extensive property damage, stupendous financial burden from the medical bills, loss of wages, physical losses from injuries sustained, emotional suffering from the trauma and a lot more. You will need a truck accident attorney to effectively argue and make the at-fault party liable to provide compensation.

If you or your loved one has been involved with any of these kinds of accidents you may be entitled to financial compensation. Council & Associates will investigate and determine how much you can get as compensation for your emotional suffering, physical pain, and financial struggles. Should you have further questions on the necessary steps and procedures after being involved in a truck accident, do not hesitate to call us immediately and ask for assistance. We are ready to answer your call and give you the legal help that you need. Contact one of our expert truck accident lawyers at Council & Associates today at (404) 562-8857.