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Would You Leave Your 4-Year-Old Child Alone in A Vehicle for 3 Hours? Your Daycare Might.

Would You Leave Your 4-Year-Old Child Alone in A Vehicle for 3 Hours? Your Daycare Might.

You see it in the news far too often; a parent leaves their child in the vehicle while they run into a store to pick up a few things, or they forget the child in the car when they go to work. Sadly, the outcome of decisions like this are often disastrous. Sometimes, strangers get involved and call the authorities or retrieve the child from the vehicle. But what happens if no one notices a child left alone in vehicle on a hot summer morning? What would you do if you discovered that the daycare you trust to care for your child had left your child in vehicle?   


In May 2015, the Renaissance Learning Center in Atlanta was investigated by the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning after learning that a 4-year-old child had been left alone in the center’s transportation vehicle for 3 hours and 21 minutes on an 89-degree day.


Investigators returned to the facility eight day in a row, finding numerous violations of the state’s child safety regulation including-


  • Transportation safety violations for the unattended child left on the center’s vehicle
  • Extended travel times for six children
  • Broken toys and playground equipment that presented a danger to children
  • Not strapping children into their high chairs
  • Staff not washing hands after changing diapers
  • Not accounting for children before and after a field trip
  • Loose crib sheets that presented a hazard for sleeping infants
  • Violating staff to child ratios
  • Failing to separate children aged three and under from older children
  • Playground tripping hazards
  • Unsafe drinking fountain
  • Failing to conduct emergency drills each month
  • Missing criminal background checks for staff
  • Missing orientation documents for staff
  • Failing to provide fingerprint records check determinations for volunteers


Image 1- Renaissance Learning Center Website



The May investigations were not the only time the facility received citations. Prior investigations and monitoring checks by Bright from the Start found other serious issues at Renaissance Learning Center including –


  • Playground hazards
  • Not cleaning and disinfecting the diaper changing station after each change
  • Staff not washing hands or changing gloves after each diaper change
  • Improper medication authorization
  • Missing criminal background checks for 7 staff members
  • Failing to notify parents of communicable illnesses at the center


Renaissance Learning Center is licensed for a capacity of 315, though records checks show the facility generally has between 50 to 170 children, depending on the month. This facility receives state and federal money is trusted and respected by many parents and guardians. Yet the fact remains that despite monitoring visits by the state, the facility has failed to keep their children safe and free from hazards. Fortunately, the child who was left in the center vehicle for hours was only hot and sweaty when found, though the outcome could have been a parent’s nightmare.


Monitoring visits don’t seem to be enough. We believe the only way to truly stop daycare abuse and negligence is to hold facilities accountable.  


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