Do I Have a Wrongful Death Claim?

Do I Have a Wrongful Death Claim?

flower at funeralDeath is never an easy burden to bear, especially when it falls on the doorstep of someone held dear. You never begin a day expecting to have to suddenly plan the funeral of your mother, child, or friend. To multiply the blows, you never expect to think that their death could have been prevented. However, in many instances, this is the all too unfortunate case due to the negligent or otherwise intentional actions of others. The term “wrongful death” is a term commonly used to describe a claim against a person or entity who can be held liable for the death of another individual. 

Wrongful death claims are typically brought about by close relatives of the individual who passed, or decedent. There are a range of instances where a claim for wrongful death is applicable. For example, any type of fatal vehicular accident caused by the negligence of another driver may result in a wrongful death claim. Malpractice and certain forms of abuse in the form of negligence are also common avenues where wrongful death claims appear. It is important to not only thoroughly research institutions where relatives or loved ones are receiving health care or assisted living care, but also to visit them with frequency to ensure their every need is being tended to. Additionally, construction accidents, defective products, or violent crimes resulting from inadequate security are also forms of negligent conduct that would give rise to a wrongful death claim.

No dollar amount can be placed on an individual’s life, but various forms of compensation exist for wrongful death claims. First, families of victims may be awarded for pain and suffering, medical expenses, as well as funeral expenses. Additionally, the economic value of the deceased life is taken into account with regard to their future earnings and the overall “value” of their life to others and the joys of life they will never experience.

In the midst of financial and emotional challenges, it is important to try to seek justice in those situations where the death of a loved one was unfairly the result of the actions of another. Although death is an inevitable road we all must travel, let us help you seek a new beginning for those taken too soon while helping to ensure that future families will not have to face the same fate.  The attorneys at Council & Associates, LLC have the skills, experience, resources, and knowledge to rigorously seek justice on behalf of your fallen loved ones and would be honored to help your family cope with a seemingly insurmountable tragedy. 

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