Atlanta bicycle crash

Atlanta Bicycle Crashes

Atlanta Bicycle Crashes

In Atlanta, bicycle crashes happen very frequently.  Fortunately, these crashes can be avoided. Naturally, bicycle crashes occur most often in areas with more traffic, such as downtown and midtown Atlanta. However, bicycle crashes can happen anywhere. To avoid being involved in a bike crash in or around Atlanta, there are some safety precautions and laws you should know about:

  • Bicyclists are classified as vehicles in Georgia, and bicyclists are legally obligated to abide by all laws that apply to vehicles of any kind.
  • All vehicle drivers (including bicycle riders) are supposed to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks until they are safely on the other sidewalk or side of the road.
  • Drivers must make sure there’s at least a three-foot width between them and riders in the bicycle lane, but in doing so, drivers may cross over the center line of the road to pass cyclists.

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Atlanta bicycle crash
If you were injured by a car while riding a bike, contact Council & Associates for help.

Bicycle crashes can be detrimental, so if you’ve been hit by a driver, you should consider hiring an attorney so they can take care of the complicated legal paperwork while you focus on the more important part of taking the time to recuperate and heal from your injuries. Council & Associates is here to help you. If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed in a bicycle collision, call us at (404) 526-8857 today for a free consultation. You’ll get to talk to a knowledgeable, caring attorney who will listen to your story; then you’ll hear about the options available to you given the specifics of your situation.  

You have a right to seek compensation

If the driver who struck you or your loved one was driving in a negligent manner, you have the right to file a lawsuit to recover damages and get compensated for your injuries. Filing a lawsuit isn’t selfish – it sends a message to all drivers that their negligence won’t be tolerated, and they will be held accountable for their actions. Your lawsuit may help prevent these kinds of accidents from happening in the future, so it’s not just yourself that you’re helping – it’s others, too.

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