Daycare Injuries

Daycare Safety

There is no other love and adoration comparable to that of a parent and their child. When you leave your child at a daycare facility, you are trusting that they will be comfortable, nurtured and most importantly, safe. However, sometimes a parent’s worst nightmare becomes reality as they receive a call stating their child has […]

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Social Media and Nursing Home Abuse

When we place our loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility, we worry about nursing home abuse.  The news is full of stories of residents and patients being abused by staff, nurses, aides, and others in nursing homes throughout the United States.  A recent story brings to light another form of nursing […]

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Is Your Child’s Daycare Facility Secure?

Imagine arriving at your daycare facility to pick up your child and your child is not there.  You would be frantic.  This is what happened to one mother in Jackson, Mississippi.  Claire Mayronne arrived at First Baptist Church in Jackson to pick up her 4-month old son only to discover he was not there. A […]

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Daycare Centers and Wrongful Death Claims

In August 2014, parents in Brunswick and all throughout Georgia watched intently as news unfolded surrounding the death of a three-month old infant while in the care of Generation Kids Preschool Nursery, a local daycare. Horrifically, the fears of this child’s parents were realized.  Our hearts and deepest sympathies go out to them. Unfortunately, the […]

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Georgia Highways are Dangerous Enough

Big trucks on the road are dangerous for many reasons. Unfortunately, passenger cars and motorcycles just can’t compete with the sheer size and weight of commercial trucks. If some businesses get their way, commercial trucks are only going to get bigger. Currently, commercial trucks can haul two 28-foot trailers. However, the Senate Appropriations Committee passed […]

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