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Main Causes Of Car Accidents

Car Accidents

Car accidents are an unfortunate reality that the United States and the world have to live with. In the United States each day there are thousands of car accidents that lead to numerous injuries that vary from minor to severe. These accidents happen as the result of many different actions and circumstances. However, a large majority of them are caused by negligent acts or a complete lack of care by other drivers on the road. Some of the other main causes are from:

Distracted Driving – This is one of the leading causes of car accidents. When drivers pay more attention to their phones or other things like eating or changing music while driving it can lead to accidents.

Reckless Driving – Speeding and running red lights and stop signs are examples of reckless driving. Other reckless driving antics include improperly changing lanes, road rage, or tailgating. 

Ignoring Road Signs – Ignoring speed limit signs, caution signs, yield signs, and other cautionary signs are also a common way that people get into car accidents when they fail to follow the safety recommendations given to them. 

DUI – Driving under the influence is a dangerous thing to do that is illegal. When drivers drive under the influence they put themselves and everyone else in danger around them on the road. 

Fatigue – Tired driving is dangerous driving. Many people fall asleep at the wheel of their cars after working long hours or not getting enough sleep. 

Poor Roadway Conditions – Poor roads with potholes and other issues can and do cause accidents each day. 

Weather – It’s important to always be safe while driving in inclement weather. In heavy rain, drivers should slow down and put their hazards on to avoid an accident. However, many drivers do not do this and subsequently get into an accident. 

Car Accident Injuries

Injuries will vary from minor to severe in car accident crashes. Fatalities also occur each day from car accidents, unfortunately. Severe injuries could include spinal and brain injuries that could leave people with cognitive disabilities or even paralysis in some cases. Minor injuries could be bruises, cuts, and scrapes as well as small amounts of blood loss. Broken bones may also occur along with other medium to severe type injuries. It’s important to know that injuries in a car accident may be compensated for along with other items in a car accident case. Things like property damage and costs associated with visiting a doctor or hospital may be compensated. Pain and suffering is also something that may receive a financial value too in a car accident case.


Legal Assistance

Lawyers from a firm like Unidos Legales can be a major source of confidence and assistance in car accident cases. They understand the nuances associated with these cases and the different issues that may arise in a case. Contact a car accident lawyer residents trust today to learn more about your possible case and how lawyers can help to receive positive results.