Recent White House Security Breaches a Reminder That Lax Security Measures on Private Premises Could Give Rise to Damages for Negligent Security

What Are Negligent Security Claims? As the White House tightens its internal security measures after two high profile security failures in just two months, the nation’s focus has turned to our personal safety and security. We all expect a certain level of safety and security as we carry out our daily pursuits, and Georgia law […]

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Recognizing and Reporting Day Care Abuse

Signs of Abuse There are several forms of abuse you must be aware of to adequately protect your children. Day care abuse may be physical, sexual, verbal, psychological, or the result of improper supervision. Physical abuse occurs when a day care provider uses any unreasonable physical force against your child. Sexual abuse occurs when a […]

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Are You Ready for Some Football? Don’t Let a Concussion Wreck the Season.

 Recognizing the Signs of a Concussion is Key to Avoiding Serious or Permanent Brain Injury Football season has officially “kicked off” at local parks, high school and university stadiums, and professional and semi-professional league arenas. While it is important for little leaguers, high school jocks, college players and pro athletes to “keep their heads in […]

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