Negligent Security: The Need to Know and Nice to Know

Oftentimes serious injuries and death occur as a result of a complete lack of security, or lack of substantial security in various venues including apartment complexes, public shopping areas, sports arenas, nightclubs, concerts, as well as a host of other areas. Victims of the actions that can result from negligent security may experience violent assaults, […]

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Will I Be Required to Attend Any Court Hearings If I Hire a Wrongful Death Attorney?

What Circumstances Justify a Wrongful Death Lawsuit? Examples of personal injury cases where a wrongful death lawsuit may be justified: Automobile accidents Motorcycle crashes Commercial truck accidents Slip and fall accidents Medical malpractice Premises liability cases Defective product cases Boating accidents Bicycles accidents Pedestrian accidents Shootings or criminal attacks on commercial property In almost any […]

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Social Media and Nursing Home Abuse

When we place our loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility, we worry about nursing home abuse.  The news is full of stories of residents and patients being abused by staff, nurses, aides, and others in nursing homes throughout the United States.  A recent story brings to light another form of nursing […]

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Can I Sue a Daycare for Sexual Abuse?

Sexual abuse in daycare facilities is a very uncomfortable subject; however, it is a subject that we must discuss to protect children in Georgia and children throughout the United States.  Daycare abuse is a terrible reality for many families. When parents place their child in the care of a daycare facility, the parents have the […]

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