Car Accident Lawyer Albany Georgia
To Sue for Damages in an Albany Car Accident, the Other Driver Must Be at Fault

According to Albany’s WALB, in May 2017, an infant died from her injuries after being involved in an Albany car accident in Dougherty County. A dump truck driver allegedly ran a stop sign. As a result, the driver hit a vehicle with six people. One of the passengers was an infant. She was immediately airlifted from […]

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Car Accident Attorney Albany Georgia
Legal Options for Anyone Injured in a Car Accident in Albany

According to a May 2017 article on WALB, a person was killed in an Albany car accident early on a Sunday morning. The accident happened on Gillionville Road at Meadowlark Drive. A 22-year-old woman lost her baby in the car wreck and at least five others were injured. A 24-year-old man was driving a 2017 […]

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Georgia Car Accidents Attorney
What are the Common Causes for Georgia Car Accidents?

Because of a landmark case called Donoghue v. Stevenson, Georgia drivers have a duty of reasonable care. In this case, which pitted a woman who found a dead snail in the bottom of her beer bottle against the local bottler, the court declared that “You must take reasonable care to avoid acts or omissions which […]

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Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Atlanta Georgia
Hit and Run Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in Georgia

An unknown motorist struck and killed Lun Thang in a Georgia hit and run pedestrian accident as she crossed the street on her way to school with her aunt and sister. Ms. Thang’s father said his daughter flew about a hundred feet through the air when a dark-colored sedan slammed into her as she navigated […]

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Atlanta Georgia Child Care Abuse Attorney
What Are the Laws on Daycare and Childcare Abuse in Atlanta?

When starting a family, child abuse and neglect are probably the last things on the future parent’s mind. Bringing a child into the world is typically filled with thoughts of decorating the nursery, having baby showers, and picking out names. The horrible tragedies of abuse are not even considered A parent rarely thinks or worries […]

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Atlanta Georgia Child Care Abuse Attorney
When Atlanta, Georgia, Daycare Abuse Doesn’t Result in the Daycare Losing its License

There are rules and laws to prevent daycare abuse in Atlanta, Georgia. These rules work to ensure that kids eat healthy lunches, get regular healthy snacks, are provided with the opportunity to learn and play, and are taken care of with appropriate hygiene. Yet, even when Atlanta, Georgia, daycares fail to meet the standards that […]

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Atlanta, Georgia Auto Accident Attorney
What Spinal Injuries Can Happen in Auto Accidents?

When you are in an auto accident in Atlanta, Georgia, there are many different injuries that may occur. Some of the worst of these are spinal injuries. There are many different spinal injuries that you could suffer from, and some of these will completely change the rest of your life. When an auto accident happens, […]

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Atlanta Georgia car crash injury claim lawyer
Types of Atlanta, Georgia, Auto Accidents

Auto accidents in Atlanta, Georgia, frequently cause of injuries, death, and financial hardship. Automobile accidents happen on an hourly basis, and the majority are 100% avoidable. These accidents happen because drivers fail to pay attention and make mistakes. They also happen because of distracted driving, drowsy driving, drunk driving, aggressive driving, and various other forms […]

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